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it's a monster thing
[stonedregrets . livejournal . com] // KATE&TREKKIE
there's more than one way to fly... 
7th-Apr-2007 06:03 pm
Okay so the bitching is over. No more bitching. I promise. In the hopes that if I stop bitching, you'll stop bitching about me. 'Cos I only started it because I found out what you were saying. So now I'm done. Take the hint.


I changed my userinfo. It's looking pretty cute actually. I want to fiddle with the banners and make there a little less text, but the main graphic looks okay so I'll leave it for now.

I may do a friends cut soon... so if you want cutting, let me know. If you don't want cutting, let me know. Those of you who I love to bits, comment here asking not to be cut, and I'll scream. I'd never dream of cutting most of you LOL. (Beci, don't even bother :P) In fact, I've always been against friends cuts until now. I'm not doing it to be a bitch though, I'm doing it because I have an entire ton of people added on here that I don't even know lmao.

That Avenue Q graphics dump has been postponed lol. Even though it's rather huge. I just thought I'd add some other random crap in too.

Oi, anyone in the UK, tell me where I can find Time Out: NY? I've been told 'Borders', but they sell EVERY TO apart from that one! Literally. TO: Buenos Aires anyone? Or perhaps the Ski edition? No takers? No, didn't think so!

PS: What's this? No tag begining with W? Or anything to do with that thing begining with W? I AM SHOCKED.

PSS: Any objections to me making the previous post FO again? I just don't really like the fact it's the first entry on my page to anyone coming by. They'll think I'm evil lmao.

EDIT: I was going to comment everyone saying 'not cutting' but that got boring after a while, so just consider yourselves all not cut :P
7th-Apr-2007 10:13 pm (UTC)
Wow, I'm loving all these people's icons - ah, don't cut me please... you tend to do things I never do. Like, you know, stage-dooring. It's great reading about that stuff. And hey, before we became Friends, I had NO idea WHO Annalene Beechey was. And she's in my program, too. (It's funny, she looks more like an Elphaba, while Kerry looks like a Glinda. I guess I'm hairist. Have you seen her as Glinda? Is she good?)
8th-Apr-2007 10:35 am (UTC)
How could you *not* know who Annalene was? Naw I'm kidding. I met her back in October and didn't have a clue who she was...

She does look like more of an Elphaba in the programme, but in real life she looks very Glinda-ish. But so does Kerry lol. And yeah I've seen Annalene as Glinda. Twice. She has a very interesting take on the character and I really love her portrayal :)

(and not cutting you :P)
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