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it's a monster thing
[stonedregrets . livejournal . com] // KATE&TREKKIE
25th-Nov-2020 06:39 pm - Friends Only [STICKIED]

If you think you can handle all the fangirling and squeeing (and rants), and we have at least something in common, comment here. I have one request and that is that you at least read my profile before you ask me to be your friend. Oh and I'd appreciate it if you say why you want to add me... like what we have in common or if I know you from somewhere else.

Having said that, most real world friends are not welcome. Sorry.

Comment To Be Added
7th-Apr-2007 06:03 pm - there's more than one way to fly...
Okay so the bitching is over. No more bitching. I promise. In the hopes that if I stop bitching, you'll stop bitching about me. 'Cos I only started it because I found out what you were saying. So now I'm done. Take the hint.


I changed my userinfo. It's looking pretty cute actually. I want to fiddle with the banners and make there a little less text, but the main graphic looks okay so I'll leave it for now.

I may do a friends cut soon... so if you want cutting, let me know. If you don't want cutting, let me know. Those of you who I love to bits, comment here asking not to be cut, and I'll scream. I'd never dream of cutting most of you LOL. (Beci, don't even bother :P) In fact, I've always been against friends cuts until now. I'm not doing it to be a bitch though, I'm doing it because I have an entire ton of people added on here that I don't even know lmao.

That Avenue Q graphics dump has been postponed lol. Even though it's rather huge. I just thought I'd add some other random crap in too.

Oi, anyone in the UK, tell me where I can find Time Out: NY? I've been told 'Borders', but they sell EVERY TO apart from that one! Literally. TO: Buenos Aires anyone? Or perhaps the Ski edition? No takers? No, didn't think so!

PS: What's this? No tag begining with W? Or anything to do with that thing begining with W? I AM SHOCKED.

PSS: Any objections to me making the previous post FO again? I just don't really like the fact it's the first entry on my page to anyone coming by. They'll think I'm evil lmao.

EDIT: I was going to comment everyone saying 'not cutting' but that got boring after a while, so just consider yourselves all not cut :P
6th-Apr-2007 10:12 pm(no subject)
Okay, this entry may only really make sense to a handful of my friends list. Those of you inolved - I hope you didn't think I didn't know. Because I'm not that stupid, and neither are my friends. And I just had a conversation about it.

Cut cos I'm sure not everyone will want to hear this shitCollapse )

A lot of it's missing because I don't save history (I *try* to, mind you. My computer is stupid) and I had to close MSN at one point. But that's the basics of it.

If you don't know about this, don't worry. If you do, I hope those of you involved are happy with yourselves. Because really. Most of you are older than me, one of you is probably old enough to be my mother. And yet posting on your own little private forum and giving me and my friends stupid names seems to give you a kick. Adopting us? Oh how original. Grow up. Seriously.

And I know you know who you are. I don't even know why I still have most of you on here.

PS: 'Look, I have no problem with you.. Not in a hating kind of way anyways, we don't agree with eachothers actions but that's about it.'

Um... okay? WHAT THE FUCK? Got a concience suddenly? :O That'll be the day.

More of the same sort of BSCollapse )


And I know I'm basically just doing the same as you, which is why I'm making this post public. I can say what I have to say to your face, I have nothing to hide.
I did this for Idina and Helen, I'm doing it for Kerry and Helen. True, there will probably be more pictures in the future as there really aren't many here, but whatever. This is what I've got for now, be glad.

Kerry & Helen: PIC SPAM ZOMGCollapse )

And now I'm off to write a fanfic that I got dared into writing. It's not going to be pretty ;)
I promised this a while back, and what with my computer being a twat and me being lazy... it never got done. However, here it is XD I actually brought myself to listen to For Good from the 30th Dec today, and it put me on a bit of an Idina/Helen-high (a sad high though... lmao). So yeah, here they are all in their totally-beautiful-and-oh-so-sad-glory *cries* ahem... Sorry some of these are huge and some of these are really small and crappy quality...

Now I'm going to say right now that some of these are credited to other people, and if you use them, you must credit them. If I thought you wouldn't credit, I wouldn't post them, but I'm pretty sure I can trust y'all :)

This is going to mess up my layout like whoah but oh well.

The Toast of the Town *sob*Collapse )

I also changed my layouttt AGAIN. Well the header. I think we all know that the old one was pissing me off, so here is a new one which I'm actually really loving. And I changed my FO banner. SEEEEE stonedregrets stonedregrets stonedregrets

Today I'm going to review... Happy Feet... naw I'm kidding.. Sorry I'm in an odd mood.



Where should I begin? I think maybe I should rewind first to Friday. I got to the theater at about 11 (I think?) and hung out with Melissa for a while. Then, in all my wisdom, I decided I was going to camp. Not for tickets, just for the sake of camping. At this point I thought all the tickets were taken and there was no point in me asking... but I was wrong. There were about 4 left and I asked Debra if I could join the list and she said yes. Cue me DYING. I was thinking 'OH MY HELL I'M GOING TO BE IN FRONT ROW' and I was! Front row, seat 15.

And I was seeing the show that day, huge thanks to planecrashdream. At that point, it was going to be my last time seeing Idina from the stalls, until of course I decided to get front row for her last. Anyway, we found out Helen and Adam weren't going to be on. I was actually pretty happy about this. I mean I LOVE Helen and I love seeing her up-close, but this was a 1 in a lifetime oppertunity - the one and only time Idina, Annalene AND Oliver were on. And plus with my new found love for Annalene (you'll hear more about this lol) I decided I really did NEED to see her. And I'm not a huge Adam fan, and I'd heard Oliver was good so I thought what the heck, this is gonna be awesome.

I was not disappointed.

Annalene = AWESOME.

I'm sorry but I've officially been converted. Some of her lines were delivered a little badly, but on a whole she was amazing. Popular was AWESOME. Seriously. I love Helen's, but Annalene's was better. A lot more hyper, a lot more Hilty-fied and just generally better. It also reminded me of Kendra in parts, and we all know how I adore her. The Thank Goodness wig is HORRIBLE though. It looks like that girl's hair from Star Wars (I'm half asleep so I don't remember her name lmao) until Annalene turns to the side and then it looks pretty :). And I really quite like how Annalene performs that song. Also she's a lotttt shorter than Oliver so it's cute when they kiss or w.e.

I was pissed cos I left the Q&A only to find out afterward that Idina was there. Fuck.

Friday night was amazing. At stage door, I, in all my wisdom decided it'd be a good idea to dance around in my sleeping bag even though it was pouring with rain. Some guy who works at the theater was like 'you're crazy. your sleeping bag is gonna be drenched' GEE Y'THINK?! Martin and Katie came over and Martin said goodnight to us campers and told us to hold on cos it was only 1 night more, and Katie waved. Yes, she was nice to us *dies of shock*. Helen told us not to get too wet, but it was a little late for that because it was pouring with rain and I was already soaked. But she waved at us from her car, bless her! And Philippa Stefani called us all nutters. Anyway, in my sleeping bag, I bounced up to the gap they'd made for Idina to get to her car and I waited for her to make her way down to us. She did, and she saw me in my sleeping bag and gave me an odd look *sigh*. I officially embarrassed myself in front of her AGAIN.

Um the night was alright... I was sleeping on the bottom steps. I was fine with that because I came last so I deserved the crappest place. Debra, though, did not deserve to be stuck there. She should have had the best place to sleep, she was there the longest!! I was very disapointed with some of the campers because of that. Anyway, Oliver decided to come and wake us up at 2am (most of us weren't sleeping.. I was half-drifting off) and he had a good laugh at us and took pictures *sigh*. I found it hilarious that a whole bunch of people turned up at like 7 thinking that they'd be able to still get day seats *snigger*. The man from Ozmopolitan took pictures of us queuing at about half 9, to which we turned around and did jazz hands :D Then we finally got our tickets and were able to go home and shower!! I was home for about an hour and then returned to the station to meet up with Liz, Hayley and Helen. Katie RJ walked past us but only I noticed.

I will skip what happened between then and the show cos I'm sure none of you are interested in us sitting in their hotel room watching The Muppets Wizard of Oz lmao.

The show. God, before it even started I was half in tears. Seriously. I sat down in my seat and I just stared. I was so close as well. I literally stood up and touched the stage just to see if this was really all happening (I'm lame). Oh that was BEFORE the show started obviously lmao. The music started and my heart sank. I knew this was the last time ever and it hit me hard. The monkeys dancing about is usually a lot longer to me. I'm usually sat there thinking 'HURRY UP AND BRING ON HELEN!' but last night it was gone in an instant. The confetti flew down for the start of NOMTW (I stole a piece :D) and within what seemed like seconds, Helen was coming down in her bubble. The crowd went mad and I was VERY happy!! She needed that applause, she really did.

I'm not going to do it song by song cos some songs just went straight over my head if you know what I mean. But I have *NEVER* heard a crowd go as mad as they did when Idina came on. I thought she'd never get to speak. The end of every song was like that, seriously. Idina practically lost it before she'd even started singing, she looked so upset.

DTL was fun :D Basically, when Galinda and Boq are talking, Katie is sat right in front of where I was. So, being the weirdo I am, I decided I'd try and catch Katie's eye. Before she opened her book she looked out and I KNOW she saw me, cos I smiled and she looked away as if to think 'okay I dont want to be distracted by weirdos smiling at me'. Then every time she looked up from her book, I smiled again, bigger, and she'd immediately look back down again. It was actually pretty funny. Odd thing to note, but Nicky (sp?) had some problems with her dress lmao - it got tucked into her tights at one point lmao.

Popular was brilliant of course. Helen put everything into it, you could tell. When it got to the wand bit, which is like the most famous bit of course, firstly she did the whole 'up up up' thing with an extra tap on Idina's butt when she was already standing, which made Idina giggle for an instant, and then with the 'is this on?' she did something extra (I haven't a clue what but it was funny).

OSD was beautiful but very sad at the same time... and I know that's lame. Before the song, when they're at the train station, it was HILARIOUS. When Helen says the 'we all will' line she said it so sadly :( And then the classic moment of the night. After Idina said the 'I've heard' line, we all went mad with cheering and clapping, and then Adam got so lost in us all clapping that he forgot his lines. He gave us this look like 'umm' and I really thought I was going to have to yell his lines at him. And Helen had her head resting on his shoulder and she just stared at us, being a complete professional, but Idina cracked up. It was so awesome. And then in OSD, Helen's 'two best friends' line went on longer than it should have. The 'beeeeeeeeessssssttttt' was like never-ending and she had to cram friends in there, and she had this little sheepish smile on her face afterward.

I admit I cried at DG. Dry tears though. I think like one tear rolled off my cheek, but the rest was just me sobbing like a loser lmao. I was sat there thinking 'this is the last time she'll ever fly' and it just made me want to cry a lot. I know that's lame but I don't care :P Anyway, it was amazing. Her riffs weren't really in your face, but they were definitely there. And it was just so powerful.

Interval we went on a hunt for flyers (I'll show you what I mean later) which was uh... fun?

Thank Goodness was good... nothing special. I wasn't paying any attention until she did the 'crosseeddd' and I sort of snapped awake lmao. It's my fave song so I clapped the hell out of it, and screamed at Helen because HELLO she's amazing. Some of Pippa Higgs' costume fell on me lmao. Lots of feathers come out of that feather thing she wears *nod*. The same goes for WWOTE. I don't remember much about that, except that I now realize that when Boq turns into tinman it is in fact Jye!! Why am I so slow lmao?

The cornfield scene had me in tears because I kept thinking 'omg this is my Galinda and Elphie and I'm never going to see them again' and it just made me really upset. As we have already established, I am a freak. Ummm *tries to remember if anything else awesome happened*. Meh. NGD it is then... This song started and aproximately as soon it did, I felt a rumble in my bag and realized my phone wasn't switched off. So I put my hand inside to turn it off and what happened? A fucking usher came and took it. I wasn't too angry about the fact it was being taken because it didn't have any pics on it (apart from one from a few weeks ago or something) it was more the fact I knew I'd have to go get it after the show! But NGD itself was HAMAZING. Idina riffed and she riffed it GOOOOD. I was blown away by how amazing it was. I can't explain riffs so I'm not going to try lmao.

For Good was HORRIBLE. Idina managed to just about speak her lines, but the moment Helen started singing they were both in floods of tears. It was somewhat ruined by the people behind me screaming 'you can do it Helen' about 3 times (sorry if that was any of you lmao) but still. I cried a lot. Before Helen had even finished the first line I had tears streaming down my cheeks, and so did she. By the end, when they hugged, she had green smudges on her face and Idina's make-up seemed to have come off a little in parts (even though it's not supposed to). Elphaba's dying scene, Helen didn't need to act at all. She was a mess anyway. And she was stood right in front of me so I just wanted to hug her. The Finale, she got into her bubble, and she just broke down into a mess of tears and she was shaking so hard I thought she was going to fall out of the bubble. But they both managed to end the show, and SOMEHOW Helen even did her speech without many teary pauses!!

I really hope someone has her speech on video because it was just so amazing. It was funny, it was sweet, it was just SO Helen. The perfect way to end everything. She couldn't get through more than a sentence without our cheering stopping her lmao ('does anyone have a cigarette, we could be here a while' teehee). And everyone was stood there in this huge crowd surrounding the stage (I was right up close to the stage *squee*) and omg the applause at the end, you have never heard anything like it, I promise you.

'And on a more personal level, you'll be with me, like a handprint on my heart' *insert cheesey little grin here* Oh Helen, how I love you :P (Sorry if that's not word perfect BTW, surprisingly I can't remember it all!!)

SD was crazy. I went out there and I thought 'shit this crowd is big' and then I had to go collect my phone and when I got back it was even worse! Thank God for Lisa, Debra, Liz etc. who 'saved' a space (Okay I just pushed past some people to get next to them lmao) but I still didn't get to talk to Idina and certainly didn't have a picture (7 of the campers did apparently... damn them). I got a tiny video of her. It's 57 seconds long or something, but she's only in it for about 20 lmao. I also got the chance to yell at Oliver for waking us up ;)

Then MJ disappeared and I found her talking to Adam rofl. She asked him if he liked Pokemon, which is this long running joke we've had since September lmao. And he was all 'It's okay but I prefer Manga' rofl. I was so happy she moved to there though because it was this huge space and I got to talk to Adam (and have a picture finally), have a picture with Katie (who was again in a good mood... who else thinks she's been abducted by aliens?) and have a picture and convo with Helen!!!!!! I was SO happy. I had a picture with her, and then MJ did and then my brother did too and I was like 'Thank you so much. You were amazing tonight' and she gave me a genuine smile and said thank you (not one of those 'moving onto the next person so I don't know what you said but I'll smile anyway' kind of smiles, a proper one) and I said that she held it together really well and she smiled and I said that her speech was beautiful and she said something like 'Not too long?' or something lmao. Then she was gone.

Had a few pictures with random people (Campers and non campers) and jumped in on Caroline's group picture (then introduced myself to her lmao). Said goodbye to some people who I seriously think I may never see again. And then it was off home for me. We got into the station and I couldn't stop crying. It was actually kinda embarassing.

Then I got into bed and started to cry again. I really do need help lmao.

Sorry that went on for so long! And it should probably have a lj-cut but I can't be bothered. Time for pictures me thinks:


I can't believe it's all over and I'll probably never see her ever again. I know I sound so lame, but so much of the past 4 months of my life have been dedicated to going to see her that it's like I don't know what to do now lmao.

I'm sure you flist is going to be glad of the break from 'OMG IDINA THIS' and 'OMG IDINA THAT' though haha ;)

PS: public so I can post it at WOO ;)
24th-Sep-2006 12:45 pm - Pimpage For Life
Click For The Most Swankified Wallpapers in Town - Lol I'm joking. Those are my wall_a_day wallpapers for the last 14 days, for those of you who wanted to see them. I might get into the habbit of actually posting them up on here daily as well as on there. I dunno.

I'm also running out of ideas so if you want to request a wallpaper, go ahead. I do still have an absolute age of wallpapering left to do after all! If you find pictures (at least one needs to be HQ) I'll see what I can do.

Meme Stolen From SammieCollapse )

Okay so it turns out I CAN get a later train back from the Apollo, if I get on the tram afterward, and therefore CAN go and see Idina! YAY! Thank God for Joe, however freaky and twisted he is.

Oh and I'm back on a fanfic spree, so expect some to be posted up soon. I suck. I still haven't updated either of my WiPs but thats cos I have like half a chapter of each and can't finish. My muse went on vacation. A very long one.
19th-Jul-2006 05:47 pm(no subject)
.Danny/Lindsay fic.

I gave up on my fanfic journal. Originally posted at ff.net.

Title: The Start Of Things To Come
Author: stonedregrets
Rating: PG (it's harmless)
Fandom: CSI: NY. [Danny/Lindsay]
Summary: Lindsay's surprised when Danny waits for her but that isn't the most surprising thing of the night.
Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with CSI:NY, I don't even have the DVDs yet *bad fan*
Spoilers: Well it's post-Stealing Home soo..
Author's Notes: There’s a stupid story to go along with this fic. Firstly, I was writing a fic that was based on ‘Charge of this Post’, but then I realized it wouldn’t make sense without this fic first sooo… here it is. The other one is coming shortly, and I may very possibly write a sequel to that too. This is only my first Danny/Lindsay fic though so I’m quite proud of it. Wasn’t meant to be this short, the next one will be longer. Original title, I know…

Pulling her coat tighter around herself, she looked over at the car lot, surprised to see Danny standing in front of his car waiting for her.Collapse )
17th-Apr-2006 06:36 pm(no subject)

Okay, I know AGES ago, I offered to make interest icons, but the thing is I never got round to doing them. Now, i'm gonna be kind and offer to make some again, but there's a catch. To have icons, you have to answer questions ;) This is so that I don't end up making icons for people I don't even know lol. The way this works is, I ask 10 questions about myself, and you have to answer them. If you get all 10 right, I'll make you 10 icons, 9 right = 9 icons etc. Until you get to 1. If you get 1 right, I'm not gonna bother making you 1 icon, because hey, you don't really know me, you just made a lucky guess ;)

Comments are screened so nobody cheats. To answer, copy the whole quiz into the comment box, and add a x in the brackets of the ONE answer which you think is correct for each question. Feel free to ask questions if you're confused, but not 'ummm what's the answer to [insert number]?' cos that's the point ;) If you don't know the answer, guess.

THE QUIZ!!Collapse )

After filling this out, I'll get back to you with the results and how many icons you've been awarded. Then we can discuss what themes you want on the icons ;) The closing date for this? Well there isn't one. I'm happy to keep making them for people, as long as they deserve them.

I just want to make it clear that this is not because the people who posted the first time didn't deserve icons, it's just I thought this would be a better way of sorting out who gets what icons ;)
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